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Welcome East Africa
wildbeast migration
  Safari Park  
Dont be left to witness the 7th wonder of the new world.Thousands of wildebeest and zebras migrate to greener pastures as the seasons change and the circle of life and death continues
All the exciting adventure holidays in Africa are offered by Danira Safaris a Specialty Travel company that has a retinue of tour and safari itineraries that cover a wide range of travel options for theenthusiast. These tours are arranged throughout Kenya,

Uganda and Tanzania with both budget and luxury itineraries to cater for diverse interests. From the popular wildlife safaris and beach holidays to the increasing sought after mountain climbing on the snow peaked Mount Kenya, Mount Kilimanjaro and Mt Ruwenzori. The maasai mara is the scenes for the greatest wildlife show on earth. Join us and witness the Annual Wildebeest Migration, as nearly two million animals travel through life and death. This is nature at its most majestic, taking you back to a time before civilization or the Biblical story of Moses and the Israelites at the red sea.The Kenya beach is a favorite destination for holiday lovers who are out to worship the sun, the ocean and the freshness of the tropical air. Mombasa and the East Coast of Africa has been known over the centuaries as the place that lured an Arabian King to leave his Kingdom and to come and settle in these serene regions.

    There is more to explore at the peak of mt kenya,Thousands have climbed to witness the flow of the white snow at this historical dweling place of God of Africa.    

With a well maintained fleet of vans and a team of experienced staff, tour drivers and guides fluent in different global languages, Danira Safaris will exceed your holiday expectation

Lions in Kenya      
Kenya the Heart of Africa..
Uganda the Pearl of Africa
wildbeast migration
Wildbeast inTanzania
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Other than the Packages offered above ,Danira Safaris gives our esteemed clients an opportunity to tailor make their own Safaris to their preffered Destinations
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